Paint Drink & Enjoy.

Discover a new way to unwind with friends while painting your own masterpiece.

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Welcome to Vacari’s Vino and Van Gogh

We make it easy to plan, easy to paint, and easy to have a great time. Get creative while you laugh, drink, and spend time with friends. Serving Lake Havasu AZ, Lake Arrowhead CA, and surrounding areas!

Painting Parties

No experience required! These are fun events where adult students duplicate a beautiful piece of artwork in a 3 hour class.

Kid’s Art Program

The kid’s program allows students to learn how to draw and paint in a nurturing, supportive and fun environment!

Special Events

Celebrate life’s best and brightest occasions with a private painting event! With lots of event packages available, you can host the perfect paint party.


Dana Vacari

With over 20 years of experience, Dana has dedicated her life to the study of art and passing on her love of oil painting to her art students. She combines her creative passions with fun to create unique and unforgettable experiences!

Her Story


We have been working with Dana for several years. She truly makes Painting a fun and enjoyable experience. We can’t thank her enough for all that she has done.

Matthew W., Corona, CA

Dana has done so much for our community and donated countless hours to the Special Olympics program. She is a pleasure to work with and an even better teacher!

Ashley K, Big Bear, CA

Dana was so much fun! We went with a group of friends and had a great time. I would definitely recommend.

Marissa P., Big Bear, CA