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Dana Vacari was raised in Orange County, Southern California and has lived in California for most of her life. She is dedicated to the study of art and to passing on her love of oil painting to her art students.

Dana discovered her joy of painting in her late twenties after meeting Mary DeFranco, an accomplished art teacher from Laguna Beach, California. Dana began an apprenticeship under Ms. DeFranco and learned the intricacies of oil painting. Painting from her love of nature and tropical themes, Dana began to focus on recreating the visual beauty of the places she loved most. After years of dedicated practice, Dana garnered her first public notice after finishing the interior mural of a medical practice in southern California. This opened the door to many future projects including an outdoor mural in Temecula, California that measured forty feet in length.


But, eventually, Dana focused on her first love, which was landscape painting. She has drawn inspiration from many different locations, which highlights her diverse artistic perspective. Whether recreating a tropical sunset or capturing the natural depth of a mountain scene, Dana’s portfolio is varied and eclectic.

Another passion of Dana Vacari is the study of art and the access to art education for children and adults. Dana has spent the last fifteen years offering art lessons to people of all ages and has used her art education to work with special needs children as well. One such center won first place in a local art show.

Her most recent work celebrates Dana’s spirituality and desire to bring a healing influence to others with her painting. Dana intends to continue broadening her artistic viewpoint and offering what she has learned to those who wish to learn the love of oil painting.

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